The ViSOAR Explorer software solutions, powered by ViSUS, was designed with the primary philosophy that the visualization of massive data need not be tied to specialized hardware or infrastructure. In other words, a visualization environment for large data can be designed to be lightweight, highly scalable and run on a variety of platforms or hardware. 

ViSUS LLC is a spin-off company originating from R&D performed at Universities and National Laboratories. Being associated with major R&D center in Data Visualization represents a unique advantage due to having novel and unique technology when compared to other competitors in the industry. Importantly, ViSUS LLC has negotiated full permanent and exclusive rights to the relevant technologies.  

The company was originally created as part of research software being licensed to an oil and gas company for in field teaching (2013). Since then, commercial software development has focused on delivering custom analytics within ViSUS’ large image management framework, and adapting the framework to specific use cases in industry.   Due to the large size of datasets, the data samples cannot all be loaded into main memory. As a result, it is not feasible to use standard implementations of visualization and analysis algorithms on commodity hardware. However, ViSOAR software can visualize massive data from nearly any image capture source or simulation and present the data interactively, based on the principle of cache-oblivious layouts and progressive streaming algorithms.

ViSOAR Explorer solutions by ViSUS provides fast reading and writing of 2D, 3D, or multidimensional grid data for platform agnostic collaborative analytics and visualization.

Put plainly, say you spend a lot of time gathering vast amounts of data (images from a drone flight, slices for volumes from a confocal microscope), and typically you don't get to look at that data until hours and hours of converting, downloading, uploading,  and then only to find out your sensor was miscalibrated, the camera was facing the wrong way, or someone opened a door and changed the lighting during your scan. Or perhaps the data acquisition was fine, but now you have gigapixels or terapixels of data and you can't load it all without waiting and waiting. 

 ViSOAR can look at the data as it being captured, with a progressive resolution that doesn't leave you waiting, this can be done on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or supercomputer, on the cloud or within your own secure digital world without the internet.  Additionally, we can then add processing and data analytics to turn your data into actionable information.

ViSUS LLC is one of 16 start-ups selected to exhibit in the NSF SBIR (“America’s Seed Fund”) pavilion at the 2018 CES Eureka Park.